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Vision for 2020

The US Space Command’s declaration of war on the world: its commitment to Full Spectrum Dominance; the ‘Vision for 2020’.

Joint Vision 2020

The Joint Chiefs of Staff’s ‘Joint Vision 2020’, expanding and explaining the doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance.

Weather as a Force Multiplier

The blueprint for an operational US Army/Air Force project, which has Congressional funding, called ‘Owning the Weather’. By disturbing the ionosphere and creating cirrus clouds on a global scale with afterburner jets, the US is trying to ‘own the weather’.

Shock & Awe

A document from 1996, proving that the US military planned to deliberately attack civilians—in violation of the Geneva Conventions—in Iraq.

US Air Force Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan 2009-2047

The US Air Force’s 38-year plan to place drones in the skies all over the world.