Tory Hell: Royal Mail Group Blocks Post Office Strike


14 October 2017


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It got almost no coverage. The top Google News results were the Murdoch Sun and the obscure Retail Gazette. That’s not surprising as one of the goals of mass media is to alienate people from their own interests. On Friday 12, it was barely reported that the Royal Mail Group had successfully blocked a strike by postal workers over pay, insurance, holiday rights, and management practicises.


The RMG and the Communication Workers Union agreed to an Agenda for Growth 2013, which includes pay rises and pro-rata part-time pay. But the CWU outlines 4 alleged Broken Promieses by the RMG. Come on, people! Challenge that Court order…


Lisa from the Murdoch Simpsons tells it like it is:



T.J. Coles is author of The Great Brexit Swindle (2016, Clairview Books).